Are you training people to be better liars?
No that's not our purpose. Our goal is to make people better at detecting lies and have fun while doing it

Is this free?
Yes. Completely free. Our plan is to always make this free version available.

Who can i play with?
Anybody you know. At the beginning of a new game you can copy the link and send it to anyone you know including friends, family, co-workers. You can send the link in chat, email, text message or schedule a meeting to play later.

How do I share with my friends?
Just send them a link. Click the Test Your Skill button on the home page then click the Copy Link button. Paste the link into a email, text, chat meeting invite to challenge them to a game.

When are you going to support Spanish and other languages?
It is on our roadmap, but don't have a specific date yet. Spanish is next in our plans, but let us know what other languages you would like.

Are you keeping my personal information?
No. We don't know who you are and don't want to. We do not keep any personally identifiable information See our Privacy Policy for details

What are you keeping?
We retain videos for analysis by researchers to detect deception patterns across all people. These videos are never shared outside. See our Privacy Policy for details

Is it better to lie or tell the truth?
In real life you should always tell the truth, but in the game you need to mix it up so you are not too predictable. Mixing true statements with lies can provide the best deceptions, but if it is not 100% true you must mark it as a lie.

I have some suggestions for you...
Great! We want to hear new ideas.
Please Contact Us

What if the other players lie about lying?
That's definitely not in the spirit of the game.
People need to be Honest Liars for the game to be fair, but we can't prevent or detect that just yet.

I am getting errors when i play
Make sure that your browser version is up to date.
Most browsers work just fine but Firefox may have some issues.